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14/05/2004 · I wrote a program in Solaris UNIX that uses and various signal stuff. When trying to compile in windows, i get the following errors. Source to sys/wait.h. Enter a symbol's name here to quickly find it. EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE.@wait.h 7.17 Berkeley 6/19/91 / / This file holds definitions relevent to the wait4 system call and the alternate interfaces that use it wait. GNU Gnulib: sys/wait.h. Next: syslog.h, Previous: sys/utsname.h, Up: Header File Substitutes. 8.72 sys/wait.h. POSIX. This header file is missing on some platforms: mingw, MSVC 14. Portability problems not fixed by Gnulib: System status macros such as WEXITSTATUS require an lvalue argument on some platforms.endif / sys/wait.h / 161: Generated while processing libcc1/ Generated on 2017-Dec-13 from project include Powered by Code Browser 2.1 Generator usage only permitted with license.

wait.h in mingw-gcc located at /gcc-4.7.1/fixincludes/tests/base/sys.

Hi, I've been trying to compile GCC on MinGW for the past few days and was stuck on the wait.h problem until I luckily came across this post. It has resolved that particular issue but now I'm getting a different error: /bin/sh./libtool --tag=CC --mode=compile mingw32-gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.</plaintext></p> <p>Some C/C code targeted for GNU family compilers fail to compile under Windows due to the dependency on sys/time.h header file. The repository here has provided a neat implementation for it. Basically you need these three files: time.h, times.h and times.cpp. I have included them here in case the repository ever went dead. grazieerrno.h c'è sicuramente. è standard. sys/types.h dovrebbe pure esserci. Le altre non credo, sono tipiche dei sistemi Unix-like specialmente netinet/in.h. La mia impressione è che vuoi usare delle cose che sono tipiche dei sistemi come Linux ma di cui non c'è una corrispondenza diretta "portabile" su Windows a meno di usare tools/librerie che sono un porting di ciò che esiste su. 19/06/2009 · Replacement for <unistd.h>, <sys/wait.h> and <signal.h> in Windows ? Hello everyone, I am converting a Linux app to Windows with Visual Studio 2005 Win32 console app. Basically I need counterparts of fork, signalset functions under Windows. <csignal> is a said to be a replacement for <signal.h> according to MSDN I haven't confirmed it yet. 在学习管道的时候用fork()创建了一个子进程,为了等待他终止,在父进程里面加了个wait(),然后自然而然需要include <sys/wait.h>,但是显示为无法导入,不知道怎么回事,也goog 论坛. i really need curl, anyone know how to successful compiling gnutls? 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