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You can transport a SQL profile to any Oracle database created in the same release or later. Table 22-1 shows the main procedures and functions for managing SQL profiles. Table 22-1 APIs for Transporting SQL Profiles. Procedure or Function Description; CREATE_STGTAB_SQLPROF. I am running Oracle 10g. I see some sql profiles in the database under dba_sql_profiles. This view does not give the sql id to which the particular profile is attached. Is there any way, we can join this view with some other view to show the sqlid connected to a sql profile?

• Test execution: If a SQL profile is recommended, the database tests the new SQL profile by executing the SQL statement both with and without the SQL profile. Note, in Oracle Database 10g profiles were recommended based solely on optimizer estimates. • Parallel query profile recommendation: Starting with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 SQL. Displaying SQL Profile for a SQL statement tips Oracle Database Tips by Donald. profile_name, s.sql_id sql_id from. where; Oracle Training from Don Burleson The best on site " Oracle training classes" are just a phone call away! You can get personalized Oracle. If TRUE this causes SQL Profiles to target all SQL statements which have the same text after normalizing all literal values to bind variables. Note that if a combination of literal values and bind variables is used in the same SQL text, no transformation occurs.

Once I have the new profile moved to my new sql_id in my Logical Standby, I can then run coe_xfr_sql_profile.sql and supply the new sql_id and hash value. That gives me a script I can run anywhere. Thanks for your time, it does however bring up a limitation. SQLSET_ROW Object Type. The SQLSET_ROW object models the content of a SQL Tuning Set for the user. Logically, a SQL Tuning Set is a collection of SQLSET_ROWs where each SQLSET_ROW contains a single SQL statement along with its execution context, statistics, binds and plan. SQL> REM SQL> REM AUTHOR SQL> REM carlos.sierra@ SQL> REM SQL> REM SCRIPT SQL> REM coe_xfr_sql_profile_dkz7v96ym42c6_3302976337.sql SQL> REM SQL> REM DESCRIPTION SQL> REM This script is generated by coe_xfr_sql_profile.sql SQL> REM It contains the SQLPlus commands to create a custom SQL> REM SQL Profile for SQL_ID dkz7v96ym42c6 based on plan hash SQL. Looking for how to tune a SQL statement by creating a SQL Profile? The query optimizer can sometimes produce inaccurate estimates about an attribute of a statement due to lack of information, leading to poor execution plans. Automatic SQL Tuning deals with this problem with its SQL Profiling capability. The Automatic Tuning Optimizer creates a.

15/06/2008 · dba_sql_profiles shows sql_text for the sql statement used to create the profile. I want to know the hash_value or sql_id for this sql statement. How do I. Thank you for this article it just confirmed what I was suspecting - we are new to 10g and we tried the sql profile. It works well for a while and then the query just "runs away" doing millions instead of a couple of thousands of reads.

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