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Show patches with: Series = arm64: untag user pointers passed to the kernel State = Action Required 8 patches. How to subscribe to the mailing list of the linux kernel or a specific kernel subsystem? Chose the subsystem you'd like to subscribe to from here. This example will chose linux-bluetooth. The subscription email will need to be sent in plain text. Be sure to check that first: Gmail web client -> there is a Plain text mode you can set. Obtaining full list archives. Git clone URLs are provided at the bottom of each page. Note, that due mailing list volume, list archives are sharded into multiple repositories, each roughly 1GB in size. In addition to cloning from lore., you may also access these repositories on erol. Because of this, the mailing list is open for mailing by non-subscribers, too. You can reach the kernelnewbies mailing list at: kernelnewbies at kernelnewbies dot org. As is the case for the rest of the kernelnewbies community, anything related to kernel development is on topic. Toggle navigation Patchwork Linux Kernel Build mailing list Patches Bundles About this project Login; Register.

kernel@vger. But this is the kernel mailing list, its the kind of place where you talk about serious low level scary black magic kernel hacking. Not the sorta place where you say "2.4.x won't compile for me.". I signed up to the list for about a week and only understood about 2 emails, then thats was only because they were 'off topic'! Additionally general Linux network development has its own mailing list, netdev@vger.. No subscription is required for posting to this mailing list. You can subscribe to this mailing list if you'd like to review general networking patches and work but please note that it is of considerably higher traffic than linux-wireless. TL;DR: Email2git is a patch retrieving system built for the Linux kernel. It exists under two forms: As a cregit plugin: Retrieve patches of selected source code tokens As the email2git search tool: Retrieve patches for entered commit IDs Email2git The Linux project’s email-based reviewing process is highly effective in filtering open source. General Linux Filesystem Developer's list. Discussions about general Linux filesystems issues should be sent to the linux-fsdevel@vger. mailing list. For information on subscribing to this list, please see the vger list information page. Mailing list archives can be found at:archive; groups. archive. The mailing list server utilizes greylisting i.e. the server may delay mails and discards emails that are in HTML format or that exceed 100,000 bytes. And please disable word wrapping in the mail client for sent mails that include kernel log backtraces.

Linux Mailing List Archive. There are a large number of mailing lists related to Linux. They are hosted at various sites around the world. We have created hypermail archives of some that may be of interest.

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