Aix Nmon Output Su File | give output directory to nmon file. Unlike AIX commands, nmon reports the CPU use of a process per CPU. If your process is, for example, taking 250% then it is using 2.5 CPUs and must be multiple threaded." name="description">
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Capturing NMON data to file: nmon -f -s "seconds" -c "count". -m

give output directory to nmon file. Unlike AIX commands, nmon reports the CPU use of a process per CPU. If your process is, for example, taking 250% then it is using 2.5 CPUs and must be multiple threaded. When a Technical Support consultant asks you to monitor the performance of your program using the nmon command,. Usage Note 45561: How to use the nmon command to monitor the performance of SAS® on an AIX system. Save the data to a comma separated file for analysis and longer term data capture. Use nmonchart from this website to generate a Googlechart webpage. Use this together with nmon Analyser Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which loads the nmon output file and automatically creates dozens of graphs ready for you to study or write performance reports.

Creating a CSV file from NMON data. Shown below a script that can be used to create a simple comma separated values file. the script assumes that you've stored the NMON output files in /var/msgs/nmon. UNIX Health Check delivers software to scan Linux and AIX systems for potential issues. Nmon can output data to the screen, and it can save the data to a CSV file – something like a cross between Top tools, such as atop and htop, and Stat tools, such as vmstat, dstat, and mpstat. The on-screen display of system data is possible through the use of curses. This means you can use a simple console to monitor the system. nmon will display the usage stats of your CPU in a real-time. To get started, simply type the nmoncommand on the terminal then hit the cbutton. You should see the following output. Writing nmon data to a file. In addition to display the system resource usage in a real-time, you can also write the data generated by nmon in a file.

19/08/2011 · TechTip: Gather Linux Performance Data with nmon, Use this open-source tool to view from one screen all the stats about CPU utilization, disk and network I/O, kernel performance, and more! AIX topas -M output to file AIX topas -M output to file g28days TechnicalUser OP. Also tried to tee the output to a file same output Appreciate if you have any ideas. Thanks and Regards., RE:. So using nmon analyser would not be feasible.

10/08/2012 · Use this together with nmon Analyser Excel 2000 spreadsheet, which loads the nmon output file and automatically creates dozens of graphs ready for you to study or write performance reports. b. Filter this data, add it to a rrd database. IBM AIX - nmon - Performance monitoring.</plaintext> Can anyone suggest me how to create the nice monthly summary report from nmon excel report? Because I started nmon on AIX host everyday using nmon -x at mid-night, And take the nmon output file to generate the excel report by the es-nmon_analyser. It's daily report that including graph and statistics. By customer need to send summary report as. Hi, Few day back i asked a question regarding delete old log fileold.nmon files. 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